Commercial Water Heater Installation and Repair

Universal Plumbing is a leader in the commercial water heater installation and repair industry. We consistently train on the most modern commercial plumbing techniques and only use the best quality materials. Universal Plumbing offers a complete line of gas and electric commercial water heaters. We will design an effective solution that satisfies your business needs.

Water Heater Installation

For guaranteed water heater installation, choose Universal Plumbing. We have a proven track record of successful water heater installations. Need help choosing your next water heater? Read the Water Heaters Buyers Guide. Ready to purchase your new water heater? Visit our sister site today. provides sales and installation of name-brand water heaters including residential water heaters, commercial water heaters, tank water heaters and tankless water heaters by three generations of experienced Master Plumbers.

Water Heater Repair

Provided there isn’t a tank failure, typically a commercial water heater can be repaired, but is it worth repairing? Only after answering the following questions should you answer repair or replace. Do you know how many years old your water heater is? Do you know how many years it’s rated for? If it is close to the number of years the water heater was rated for, consider replacement instead of repair.

Water heater failures cause millions of dollars in water damages every year. Remember that when selecting your new commercial water heater, you get what you pay for. While seemingly a bargain, a water heater rated for only 7 years is often likely to fail before you recoup your investment. Look at the cost per rated year to make an educated choice. Simply divide the cost of the water heater by the number of years it is rated for and that will show you the best value.

Full Service Commercial Installation

Every commercial water heater installation by Universal Plumbing is carefully installed to all current building and safety codes.. We have a proven track record of getting water heater installations done right the first time. All new water heater installations feature our Our 100% Money Back Guarantee*. All of the following is included with your new commercial water heater installation:


  • Delivery of your new commercial water heater
  • Inspection of your existing water heater and provide a written quote detailing any additional work needed to bring up to code
  • Drain and remove your old commercial water heater
  • Properly connect your new water heater to existing gas or electric and water lines
  • Fill and test your new water heater to make ensure it is functioning  properly
  • Clear and haul away related debris
  • Provide guidelines for proper use of your new water heater
  • Our 100% Money Back Guarantee*